Cory Clarke

Digital Product and Technology Leader

Bridging technology and design to create products and drive innovation.

I have 20+ years connecting technology and design to create compelling user experiences. Trained as an architect, I transitioned to software development early in my career and have worked in start-ups and large enterprises on large-scale 3D games, social networks, ecommerce platforms, corporate intranets, digital products and digital advertising. In parallel with my professional career I have taught and led academic research in technology and design at Columbia University and Pratt Institute. I am also active in the technology industry with speaking engagements at Front-end of Innovation, SXSW, the Society of Environmental Graphic Design, and Big Omaha. 


Product Management

User-centric design, product strategy, and feature roadmap development for consumer and enterprise applications.

Digital Workplace

Experience creating employee enablement and experience applications, and designing a workplace to support digital transformation and diverse work styles.

Digital Marketing

Customer experience, digital marketing, and e-commerce expertise in both B2B and B2C markets.

Agile Transformation

Experienced product owner and agile coach, and expertise in applying agile methodologies to marketing and design.


A sample of projects, products, articles and presentations from my career.